Being an Autoimmune Patient is hard and complicated. Dr. Yu is here to make this journey a lot easier

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Integrative Rheumatologist

Who is MYAutoimmuneMD?

Hi! I am Dr. Micah Yu, a physician and also an autoimmune warrior. I am a triple board certified Rheumatologist and have a private practice called Dr. Lifestyle in Newport Beach California where I see patients worldwide.

I was diagnosed with autoimmune disease at a young age but found out ways to eventually use food as medicine and fight my disease.

Because of my disease and personal journey navigating the integrative side of medicine, I created MYAutoimmuneMD to help people around the world navigate difficult autoimmune diseases as it can be a complicated journey.

Being An Autoimmune Patient Is Tough.

Being an Autoimmune patient is tough.  There is no manual on how to navigate and fix your disease with an integrative approach.  Plus, there are extreme opinions and misinformation on the internet!  MYAutoimmuneMD was created to put all the proper information together for you!

Integrative Rheumatologist

I have an integrative approach to healing

One of the most important factors to chronic inflammation is the food we eat. A majority of the population eats a Standard American Diet and I am here to change that.

My integrative approach to healing not only focuses on nutrition, but also focuses on overall lifestyle. We have the power to transform our bodies into a much healthier state. We are stronger than we think.

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I am dedicated to educating you on autoimmunity, nutrition, environment, integrative healing methods. My goal is to find the root cause of autoimmune disease and to harness the body’s ability to heal itself. I tailor my treatment plans based on your preference and needs combining modern medicine with alternative therapies.




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