We cannot ignore the value of integrative medicine.

How It All Started…

I woke up one day with severe joint pain and was diagnosed with gout. However, my joint pain transformed over the years and I was eventually diagnosed with spondyloarthritis as well. From one joint to multiple joints, I thought I was going to be disabled by my 30s.

After going through this journey, I decided to go into a career of Rheumatology to help patients that have the same problems as I do.

I thought only medications would help but I was wrong. After being sick for so long, I found out about the power of food and lifestyle.

Today I am only on medications for my gout. I don’t take medications for my spondyloarthritis. After changing my lifestyle, my joint pains improved significantly and I feel younger and more energetic.

That’s why I’m on a mission to share my story and help others. Chronic pain and illness can be treated with an integrative approach.

After changing my lifestyle, my joint pains improved significantly and I feel younger and more energetic.

This is why I created MYAutoimmuneMD.

I wanted to create a home for you and I so that we can explore ways to fight autoimmune disease together. Medicine is lifelong learning and I wanted to bring you along with me so that my knowledge can be passed down to you. I believe that each field of healthcare has a role and place in the treatment of patients which is why I believe integrative medicine can be very powerful.

I graduated with a Doctor of Medicine at Chicago Medical School and finished my Internal Medicine Residency and Rheumatology Fellowship at Loma Linda University. I am double board certified in internal medicine and lifestyle medicine.

Because of my passion for holistic care, I am continually gaining knowledge in different alternative medical fields. I am currently enrolled in the Andrew Weil Integrative Medicine Fellowship at the University of Arizona. In addition, I am certified in Lifestyle Medicine through the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and taking functional medicine courses through the Institute of Functional Medicine.

I realized that I had to create my own private practice in order to practice an integrative approach to its full potential.

Dr lifestyle

Then, my wife and I opened our specialized clinic.

My wife and I created the Dr. Lifestyle clinic in 2020. Our goal is to provide a personalized lifestyle and integrative approach for our patients. Allopathic medicine is still in our toolbox but we really wanted to make our patients better through a strong foundation. Our goal is to empower our patients in the clinic so that they can live life to its fullest potential.

Dr lifestyle

Together our mission is to provide compassionate, high quality Direct Primary Care and Direct Rheumatology to you and your family. The foundation of our care is centered on Lifestyle and Integrative Medicine.

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