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A big change in my life coming from just one visit..

I just got diagnosed with Lupus SLE in 2020 during covid and all the madness. I’ve followed Dr.Yu on Instagram since early last summer and only dreamed of having a rheumatologist like him near me in Oklahoma. After two rheumatologists I needed someone who actually cared for their patient and wasn’t just thrown meds at with no plan. Thankfully Dr.Yu got his license for my state and after one visit I’m already filled with hope and confidence that I lost all last year. I feel a big change in my life coming from just one visit so far with Dr. Micah and Dr. Melissa ? I’m excited for this journey and if you feel like you lost hope with how the specialist and doctors around you are treating you, just do yourself and favor and see them. Excited to be apart of this!


He opened my eyes to a quality of life…

I’ve struggled with psoriatic arthritis for 20 years. I have been on every medication, including methotrexate and biologics. Although some of these medicines worked for a while or had no effect on me, I realized that I pretty much gave up on myself. After spending a month in the hospital and nearly losing my kidney functions I decided to get a second opinion. I found Dr. Yu and he put me on a path to health that I forgot existed! He opened my eyes to a quality of life that for 20 years I had been seeking! I give him all the credit for my reinvigorated life and he, being the humble man he is tells me, “ you did all the work!” I have my life back and feel only joy, a joy that has replaced my pain! Thank you Dr. 1000 times thank you!


He is genuine and really listens…

Doctor Yu is extremely nice and makes you feel really comfortable straight away. He is genuine and really listens when going over your medical history. He has a genuine approach to his practice and it really helps when getting down to the bottom of what is going on with you. He had a theory about what was going on with me before even getting my test results back and it was correct. I believe it’s because he really spends time with his patients and is very thorough. He really cares about his patients and even helped me out financially. I recommend going with him as your doctor if you want to know more about your problems and feel more comfortable with a doctor that cares.


He was never in a hurry…

I’m glad I met Dr. Yu.

I’m a 31-year-old woman, mom of two little ones, and I was very scared with the possibility of having an autoimmune disease. Dr. Yu was knowledgeable and very caring. He took his time to talk and listen to me. He gave me a final diagnosis and went through the treatment options and has been guiding me to a path of wellness with a lifestyle approach, which has been amazing.
He makes you feel comfortable, which is an a great thing for doctors nowadays. He was never in a hurry. And, whenever I needed his help for extra questions and guidance, he was super helpful through e-mail. Very easy to communicate with.
Thank you Dr. Yu. I’m on my way to full remission 🙂


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