The Vitamin D Connection to Reduce Sjögren’s Disease Risk

by | May 28, 2024 | News, Sjögren's Syndrome

Sjögren’s Disease is an autoimmune condition marked by the infiltration of lymphocytes into exocrine glands, alongside systemic symptoms like arthritis, vasculitis, and pulmonary and neurological issues.

Even though it significantly affects quality of life and physical well-being, there are currently no approved disease-modifying medications.

While some research has suggested a link between vitamin D deficiency and higher risk of Sjogren’s Disease, these findings may be influenced by other factors and the direction of causation. However, clinical trials have shown that vitamin D supplementation can lower the overall risk of autoimmune diseases.

This study sought to determine the impact of vitamin D levels on the likelihood of primary SS. It marks the initial endeavor to offer genetic proof that elevated levels of circulating vitamin D could potentially lower the risk of primary Sjögren’s Disease.

This study provides genetic evidence that higher levels of vitamin D may potentially reduce risk of Sjogren’s Disease.  However, it does not prove that it can stop the progression of an already-established disease.




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